Hair Care

Welcome to DMA Lab USA!

DMA Lab has been successfully treating hair loss problems for over 15 years around the world. Since 2005 this exciting methodology is available in the US at DMA Lab USA! Our office is located in the heart of Manhattan at Sixth Avenue and East 53rd Street.

According to our conception, the goal of DMA Lab is to provide the best alternative to the common approaches in treating hair loss (alopecia) and other scalp diseases.

Alopecia is a serious disease which has to be audited and treated under the supervision of a specialist only. Using the latest innovation in biology and bio-chemistry fields, natural non-hormonal ingredients DMA Lab created special formulas to treat alopecia and other scalp problems. Each treatment is customized for Patient’s specific needs and concerns.

To guarantee the best possible results, we also offer our professional line of hair care products, which works with medical treatments and makes your hair healthier and more vibrant.

Let DMA Lab USA be the solution to your hair and scalp problems.

Dr. Alan K. Eiger

Dr Alan K Eiger

Eating Disorder Treatment Services

The rapidly advancing onset of eating disorders among both sexes around the world is truly a modern phenomenon.

eating disorder help
Eating Disorder Help Is Readily Accessible

Left untreated, an eating disorder can make a person’s life a misery for them and their loved ones. In the worst case scenario, a severe and enduring eating disorder like anorexia can even result in a fatality!

If you know someone that suffers from eating distress and requires help to deal with an eating disorder like anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, binge eating disorder or an eating disorder not otherwise specified (EDNOS).
We are partners with a number of leading eating disorder treatment clinics in the USA and UK. Please ask our advice regarding a suitable eating disorder therapist in your area and we will put you in touch in a sympathetic and extremely confidential manner.