Your DMA Experience will start with a consultation from one of our highly trained trichologists. The medical professional will begin by listening to your issues and issues to purchase an understanding about exactly what worries you most about your hair. They will then proceed to thoroughly analyze your scalp. It is suggested that you not clean your hair for 24 Hr prior to concerning your DMA Lab examination.

A micro-analysis of your hair will let our medical professional see up close the condition of your hair bulbs and the total health of your hair. Built-up totally free, clean bulbs and thick hair shafts are ideal for strong, healthy hair, while dirt and built-up around the hair bulb and thin and broken hair reveals us that your roots are clogged up and weak.

While the external condition offers our expert an idea of what is going on, it does not paint the entire picture. Similar to with ay other condition, there can be numerous aspects that add to the cause. That is why our physician will review your case history, medications and vitamins that you are taking. They will likewise talk with you about your daily way of life and recommend specific modifications you should make, not simply for the health of your hair, however your total health also. What you eat, how much you rest, the numerous stresses in your life all contribute in your well-being and the wellness of your hair. If our professionals discover that more details is had to detect your condition, they will send you to obtain blood tests or to speak with a physician in a particular field.

If, having all the required details, our trichologists figure out that your issue lies outside the scope of our treatment, they will recommend you on a course of action, and will not lose your money and time.

The majority of our patients concern us after trying a great deal of different hair treatments that guarantee fast results, but don’t deliver. We, at DMA, think that dealing with scalp and hair related issues is much like treating other condition. There is no magic pill to fix your problems over night. That is why DMA performs your treatment under the cautious supervision of our trichologists.

Having a clear understanding of your condition, our doctor will prescribe a customized course of treatment to address all the aspects that contribute to your condition. The treatment program aims to bring about localized and structural changes, to stabilize or put an end to your loss of hair, as well as to partially or entirely restore your hair. The treatment consists of the application of specially formulated, non-hormonal solutions in combination with point massage and heat therapy, created to enhance microcirculation, reduction scalp stress, and enhance the penetration of our solutions into your skin.

We have likewise developed a line of hypoallergenic hair care, made from the greatest quality active ingredients to attend to some of the most common hair and scalp issues. They can be utilized on their on, or for much better results in combination with your treatment. We hope that your experience here at DMA Labs will be an enjoyable one and look forward to helping make you and your hair healthy and happy.

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