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Sunday, April 16, Insurance Adjusters Update 2017 Homepage 6:00 a.m. Sunday, April 16, 2017 Homepage 0 It is often said that insurance companies make money by not giving it away. That kind of belief comes about because dealing directly with an insurance company on a claim can often be frustrating and nonproductive. Florida has a special statute that provides that when an insurance company fails to pay a valid claim on behalf of one of its insureds that the insured has the right to hire a lawyer who is paid a court awarded fee against the insurance company. This is true regardless of what kind of insurance claim is involved. If a life insurance company refuses to pay an claim within 60 days of the time a death occurs, the beneficiary under the policy is entitled to hire a lawyer and the insurance company is responsible for that lawyer’s attorney fees. Insurance Claims against insurance companies can arise in a variety of circumstances in addition to life insurance claims. People insure themselves to protect against significant medical bills, disability, and for a variety of other reasons. The law provides that an insurance company, under those circumstances, has a contractual liability to pay valid claims. Insurance policies are supposed to be written to protect insureds and not the insurance companies. Therefore, the law provides that every insurance policy, because it is written by the insurance company and not by the insured, is interpreted to protect the insured whenever possible. When an insurance company tries to wiggle out of its responsibility to its insured, the law is designed to protect the insured when a dispute arises. It is important that the lawyer who is hired to represent an insured against an insurance company be familiar with insurance law and litigation in general. Only then will the probability of a successful outcome likely take place. Theodore Babbitt is senior partner in the law firm Babbitt and Johnson, P.A. _________________________________________

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