Treatment Methodology

The Preliminary Assessment consists of an extensive evaluation of the hair and scalp, an in-depth health screening, as well as a microscopic analysis of the hair and the hair follicles.

The Screening Process includes a comprehensive testimonial of the patient s diet and way of life, basic health, and medical history.

Microscopic analysis is utilized to evaluate the condition of the hair bulbs gotten from bothersome areas.

Examinations with other medical professionals may be advised to further check out the pathology of certain conditions that may impact the health of your hair and scalp.

The Course of Treatment recommended by DMA Laboratory USA is unique to each client. This enables us to address your specific issues, requirements, and concerns.

Appropriate Hair Care is a necessary part in preserving healthy hair. DMA Laboratory USA offers you its special line of hair care items that improve the effectiveness of our treatments, and promote your hair s brilliance and vitality.

Routine check-ups enable us to keep an eye on the progress of your treatment, and make any changes, if necessary.

A Phytotherapy Program of vitamins and food supplements may be utilized to further enhance your general health, trigger hair growth, and stabilize your condition.

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