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attorney general said as long as the state regulations are reasonable and the person complies with the state regulation, the federal government would not prosecute. However, it is unknown if the Trump Administration and Jeff Sessions, the new attorney general, will follow the Obama approach or begin enforcing the federal law on marijuana. We dont know whats going to happen? Johnston told the PLRB audience. What the Trump team does bears watching. A more hardline approach could see prosecutors going after users, producers and distributors under federal statutes, or filing civil suit to challenge state laws on the basis of preemption, Johnstonwrote in his report. Should that occur the ramifications for insurers and other industries serving the marijuana industry could be significant. He advised insurers on two ways they can get a marijuana-related claim into federal court. The insurance company can beat the plaintiff to the courthouse, he said. Federal courts have limited jurisdiction, as prescribed by Congress. Among the cases heard by federal courts are those with diversity of citizenship, meaning if the plaintiff and defendant are from different states, and where the amount in controversy is at least $75,000.

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